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What Repairs Your ADAS Systems Need to Adapt

Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems, or ADAS, offer many conveniences, such as automatic emergency brakes, parking assist, collision warnings, adaptive cruise control, traffic alerts, and more. Because these technological features require the use of cameras and sensors, they must stay calibrated to perform their function accurately. Precision Auto Calibration is a repair shop that takes these ADAS Systems into account during every service at our shop in Ocala, Florida.

Calibration Is Delicate

When cars get damaged by something like an accident, it can often change the angle or effectiveness of the ADAS cameras and sensors. Damage to the driver's side door in a sideswipe might affect the blindspot monitoring system in the rearview mirror. The blind spot radar needs to be calibrated to give the driver proper information about the vehicle's surroundings. Similarly, a front-facing camera that has been damaged in a fender bender should be checked to ensure adaptive cruise control is not impacted.

When to Get ADAS Service

Not all car repairs will affect the ADAS systems, but since the safety of passengers is our number one priority, we make sure to never skip ADAS calibration if the situation calls for it. The most common vehicle repairs that affect ADAS deal with the car's suspension, wheel alignment, and windshield. If you are getting one of these jobs done, we make sure to recalibrate radars and sensors afterward. We also address any fault codes triggered by damage or changes to the system. Even if your car does not undergo any major changes, over time, ADAS problems can still develop. Precision Auto Calibration will keep them working properly and safely!

Important Components In Your Car

A car with ADAS can be much more complicated with all the many different components that track, measure, and survey. Some of them can include a rearview camera, parking sensor, night vision camera, blindspot radar, and a surround-view camera. If any of these don't work, there can be information given to you that may mislead you. To prevent the dangers that can be created by a miscalibrated ADAS, it is important to get repairs at shops that know how to handle this equipment. Precision Auto Calibration is able to provide repairs to cars with ADAS Systems in Ocala, Florida. Give us a call at (352) 873 4880 to learn more about our services and to schedule an appointment.

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