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Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Cleaning

Williams Diesel Service is pleased to be the only facility in North Central Florida that has the industry-leading FSX Diesel Particulate Filter cleaning system. This system utilizes state-of-art air knife scanning technology to clean DPFs. We can accommodate DPFs ranging from 6” to 16” in diameter and 6” to 36” in length. From light and heavy-duty on-highway to agricultural and industrial applications, we’ve got you covered! Read below to learn how the process works.

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Each filter is first tested on the FSX TrapTester. This unit is specifically designed for precision measuring of the air flow of a DPF. It has become the industry standard for testing by engine OEM’s and dealers for repeatable testing. Air flows are compared against FSX’s baseline chart. This chart is a large database of baseline air flows for specific part number DPFs, many of which are provided by the OEM. Along with flow testing, each DPF is given a thorough visual inspection and is pin gauged to determine the amount of ash loading.

Pneumatic Cleaning – Stage 1

The FSX TrapBlaster is the heart of the system and is the unit tasked with cleaning the DPF. Using its patented bi-directional cleaning technology, upper and lower air jets clean the filter from both ends simultaneously with a massive amount of air volume. Each cell is individually focused on which ensures cleaning of entire filter. The fully automatic operation eliminates user error often found with manual cleaning systems. This also guarantees the same attention to detail no matter how many filters it has cleaned throughout the day. Another unique feature of the TrapBlaster is it ability to identify internal issues, such as cracks in the substrate with the DPF. After pneumatic cleaning, the DPF is sent back to TrapTester for follow up air flow testing and pin gauging. Pneumatic Stage 1 cleaning and testing takes an about an hour, so same day service is available.

Thermal Cleaning – Stage 2

If air flow and pin gauging results show that the filter is still not within spec, the DPF will need to be thermal processed. This is accomplished by use of the FSX TrapBurner. The TrapBurner is a precisely controlled industrial oven that will burn any soot left in the filter and using controlled high temperatures that create fracture between ash deposits in the cells and the ceramic cell walls. The heating and cooling process follows manufacturer specified gradients so that the ceramic in the filters and the washcoats used as catalysts are not over stressed. After thermal processing, the filter is sent back to the TrapBlaster to have any additional loosened dust blown from the filter. From there it is back to the TrapTester for final air flow testing and pin gauging. Thermal Stage 2 cleaning is done over night and is a next day service.

Replacement DPF

In the unfortunate case that your DPF is damaged and unable to be cleaned or reused, Williams Diesel Service is a dealer for DuraFit OEM replacement DPFs. We can provide you with a replacement unit at a fraction of the cost of the OEM dealer. DuraFit DPFs feature high-grade stainless steel canisters, advanced filter coatings and substrates, and are backed by a 2-year/unlimited mileage warranty. They are an exact-fit OEM replacement unit and comply with emission requirements for 2007 and newer model years. Contact our parts department today for details!

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