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What does Authorized mean? It means that we have the tools, test equipment, parts, specifications, and training directly from the manufacturer of the fuel injection components. It also means that the product that you receive from us was assembled to the exact specifications as set forth by the manufacturer and verified on equipment designed and built by the manufacture. This allows us to sell a product that is equal to that from the manufacture itself. Non-authorized and 3rd party shops that are selling rebuilt common rail injectors are simply guessing. Don’t spend your hard-earned money on someone else’s guess!


All of our injectors are assembled in our Bosch certified clean room. The clean room atmosphere allows us to maintain the incredibly tight tolerances that these injectors require to operate correctly. The entire assembly process is laid out and checked by Bosch’s proprietary software. This software assists us in selecting the correct shims by using the measurements taken from each injector compared against the factory specifications. All of the measurement tooling is required to be re-calibrated every 7-14 days to maintain its accuracy. When assembling common rail injectors, we choose from a selection of over 500 different size precision shims. These precision shims are only available to Authorized Bosch Common Rail rebuild facilities and not to non-authorized shops.

After assembly, every injector is tested and verified on our Bosch test bench. The Bosch EPS 815 equipped with the CRI/CRIN SST package and allows us to test all passenger car (CRI) and commercial (CRIN) common rail injectors manufactured by Bosch. The test specifications in the test bench were derived directly from the equipment that is used on the assembly line at the Bosch factory. This not only guarantees that the injector operates correctly, but that it will operate within the very tight emission levels as they were designed. Each injector is also checked for Shot-to-shot consistency and repeatability. Shot-to-shot testing is imperative to assure that the injector is mechanically functioning exactly as it is being electronically commanded.

The Bosch EPS 815 also has the ability to produce the Injector Quantity Adjustment (IQA) codes that many of the late model vehicles require to operate correctly. These codes are unique to each injector and are produced based on the test results of the injector. The Bosch EPS 815 is the only piece of test equipment available to the aftermarket that can correctly produce these codes. After these codes are generated, we laser engraved the code onto the injector so it is permanently marked and can be easily identified.

We also can test the newest Piezo actuated Bosch common rail actuated injectors. These injectors use a unique control board designed specifically for the high voltages these injectors require. They also utilize a special electronic backflow manifold that controls the amount of backflow pressure depending on the test condition. These injectors are used on such engines as the Duramax LML/LGH, Powerstroke 6.7L, most European passenger vehicles and the new Cummins ISV. Contact our service department about having your injectors tested.


We rebuild Bosch CP3 pumps as well. Each pump is dissembled, thoroughly cleaned, inspected and reassembled to exact Bosch specifications. Typical wear parts are always replaced with new factory parts. Reusable parts are scrutinized during the inspection process and only parts of the highest caliber are reused. After assembly, every pump is tested on our Bosch EPS 815 test bench. During testing, the pump’s speed and pressure are varied and its output is verified against factory specifications.


All of our common rail injectors and pumps are laser engraved with our logo and a date code for traceability and are securely packaged and labeled. The trademarked green Bosch label assures the consumer that they are receiving a quality product that has been held to the highest standards. All of our rebuilt Bosch common rail injectors and pumps carry a one year unlimited miles/hours warranty!

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